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Community Day

1. Te Kōpua ki Whāingaroa
Visit Te Kōpua, a historic site of Māori resistance and the location of one of the most significant Māori land rights struggles of the 20th century.  Click for more info

2. Land Diversification Story
Visit Pohara Marae and Arapuni Farm and learn about the papakainga (village), tuna (eel) restoration project, and bee-keeping.  Click for more info

3. A Living Māori Village
Visit Tamatekapua Marae, the Ngāti Whakaue Charter School initiative and learn the history of Ōhinemutu village and the Ngāti Whakaue tribe; a cultural performance is also included.  Click for more info

4. Kīngitanga Trail Bus Tour
Learn the history and visit tribal sites of the Kīngitanga – the Māori King Movement; included is a tour of the Waikato-Tainui College for Research and Development – the tribe’s academic and research institute. Click for more info

5. Waitomo Caves
Enjoy a world famous boat ride under thousands of glow-worms. The bus trip there will include historical storytelling about the Southern Kīngitanga Trail and the rich history of the Tainui people. Click for more info

6. Te Puia & NZMACI Experience
A cultural guided tour from Hamilton to Rotorua of the village and the geo-heated hot and mud pools and traditional arts and crafts.  The tour includes a buffet lunch at Te Pō restaurant.  Click for more info

7. Kōhanga Reo & Kura Kaupapa
Interact with teachers and students of the kōhanga reo (Māori immersion pre-school) followed by the Māori immersion primary school and gain insights into Māori language immersion education.  Click for more info

8. The Wānanga as an Education Alternative
Visit Te Wānanga o Aotearoa and hear presenters from each of the three Wānanga; see visual presentations and participate in workshop activities around resisting colonizing imperatives.  Click for more info

9. Weaving Workshop
Express our relationships to whenua (land, placenta) by creating a woven piece from harakeke (flax). This forum will provide an intimate space for discussion on the sustainability of Indigenous expression.  Click for more info

10. Introduction to Kapa Haka
Learn the practical components of kapa haka known as Māori performing arts. You will learn two waiata (songs) and one haka (traditional dance).  Click for more info

11. Constitutional Imagining Aotearoa
Although this workshop will focus on advancing constitutional transformation in Aotearoa, anyone wishing to share their experiences and/or learn more about constitutional history and change in Aotearoa is welcome. Click for more info

12. Martial Arts and Well-being
This participation workshop will incorporate nonoke Māori wrestling, Brazilian Jiujutsu, Kyokyshin Karate and mau rākau.  Click for more info

13. Movement for Joy

Movement for Joy gleefully decolonises western dance practice and also acknowledges the sedentary nature of modern life and impacts on Indigenous Stamina. Dance as a unifying expression of community, moves people quickly past mental blockages triggered by subtle fear and trauma patterns. Click for more info